Welcome to the Archer Analysis 7 site. Trouble logging in? The Archer Analysis 7 site was brought online on March 15th, 2022. It requires you to create a new account. You can still access your data from the Archer Analysis 6.2.7 demo site with your old account by clicking here. Note, this site is a demo intended for training, evaluation, and troubleshooting purposes only. The total number of samples you run on this site may be limited by Archer. If you need full access to older jobs, please contact support at the email below. It is strongly recommended to retain input FASTQ and/or BAM files locally in accordance with your institution's data retention policy for the purpose of reanalysis on other Archer Analysis software platforms. If you enjoy the experience of this site, please see Archer Analysis Unlimited for all the same benefits and more. Please report any errors, bugs, or feature requests to archer-tech@idtdna.com.

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