Archer Analysis

Version 5.1.8

Copyright 2014–2018, ArcherDX, Inc.

Released 02APR2018

Limitations of Use

This product was developed, manufactured, and sold for in vitro use only. The product is not suitable for administration to humans or animals. MSDS sheets relevant to this product are available upon request.
End User License Agreement

Third Party Applications

Copies of these licenses are included with the source code for these packages included in this distribution. All applications are provided to you WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

Application License Source
ABRA MIT License
Bamaddrg MIT License
Bcftools MIT / GNU General Public License
Bedtools GNU General Public License
Blast GNU Lesser General Public License
Bowtie2 GNU General Public License v3
BWA GNU General Public License v3
EMBOSS GNU General Public License
FastQC GNU General Public License
Freebayes MIT License
Lofreq MIT License
Mixcr Proprietary license *
Muscle Public Domain
Samtools MIT License
VEP Apache License
Vcftools GNU Lesser General Public License v3
Velvet GNU General Public License v2
HTSeq GNU General Public License
Complete-Striped-Smith-Waterman-Library MIT License
JBrowse GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
JQuery DataTables MIT License
Django Solo Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
Plotly.js MIT License
* Proprietary License is non-transferable, and non-exclusive. Must only be used for sequencing data from ArcherDX based assays and can not be distributed elsewhere without written consent.

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